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Hi friends! Wow, it’s been a long time! And we apologize for that – life got busy, plans changed, and things came up! (Don’t worry though, we are still best friends and soul sisters!)  🙂

We’ve had a LOTTT of things happen and change in the last year, and we are SO excited to tell you guys all about it. We will be announcing what we are each up to now very soon, so keep your eyes open for that!

Exciting news headed your way…

Love – D&S


Stuffed Bell Peppers

I always love a quick and easy recipe, and these are just that! These little peppers are great because they encompass all of the parts of a meal that you want into one; veggies, lean meats, carbs, spices, etc. You can make them fresh, or make ahead and refrigerate the day before baking for an even simpler meal on a busy night.

You Will Need:

  • 4-5 large bell peppers
  • 1 lb lean ground turkey (or chicken)
  • 1 small onion
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1 bag Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp Mrs. Dash
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Start by washing all of your veggies. Cut the tops of the peppers off, and set aside. Very carefully, slice a little bit off of the bottoms of the peppers, just enough that they sit evenly in your baking dish. You want to make sure you don’t cut deep enough to create a hold for all of the goodies inside to fall through, so slice very thinly, as shown below.




Take the tops of the peppers you cut off, and cut around the stem, chopping the pieces into small bits. You will use these in the mixture that we will stuff the peppers with. Also chop up your tomatoes and onion, and set aside.



Brown your lean ground turkey (or chicken) in a skillet, and drain the juice when browned. Place the meat back into the skillet, and turn on low, adding in your chopped tomatoes, onion, and additional pieces of pepper. Add in all of the spices, and just saute for a few minutes until the vegetables cook down and become softer. Microwave your 90-second rice, and dump into the skillet, just to led the flavors for a few minutes.




Stuff each pepper full with the ground turkey mixture. You can keep pressing each layer down with a spoon, and fill to the top.


Place in the over for 20-25 minutes, until the peppers start to brown a little at the tops. Take them out, add a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, and put back in for another 5 minutes or so, until the cheese is melted.


These can get a little messy, so I like to have a knife handy to cut the peppers into nice bite-sized pieces. Or, you can do what hubby does, and just cut it all up and eat it as a stir-fry type of dish. It’s up to you! Enjoy!

<3, D

be the sparkle

Hi!!!!  We’ve missed y’all so much over the last few days and we’re truly sorry we’ve been MIA. We’ve had some really big things going on in each of your lives that we can’t wait to share. Just not quite yet!  And no babies!

We’ve also been working on some fantastic new things for y’all. We’ve really been pouring our hearts into this venture but are constantly looking to evolve it to be the best for you, our readers and also for ourselves!  

That being said here’s a little something for you that is super easy and really reasonably priced but can totally change the feel of a cocktail party or your next get together!  Or even your Easter table spread!   

You’ll need:

Votive candles – again the Hob Lob comes through. $6.99 for 8 votives

Your favorite glitter

Mod podge 

A sponge brush 

Place your glitter on a plate or a bowl. Totally up to you!  Take your sponge and dip in the mod podge and lightly coat your votive. In any design fashion you’d like!   

Take your votive and roll in the glitter. Place upside down and let dry! Y’all it’s that easy and such a nice touch!  

Remember, be the sparkle in someone’s life. We each have our own struggles that some will see and some will not. But you always have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day!  So do it. You’ll never get that moment back, nor will you be able to wipe the smile off your face once you’ve made that persons day!  Spread the love peeps!  

All of our love!  sarah 

Easy Egg Muffins

20150215_165443I usually do my meal prep for the week on Sundays, because it just makes life easier during the week to have things pre-made and to grab-and-go, amiright?! So today, while prepping for the week, I thought I should share this quick and easy recipe, because it’s one of my favorites. These little egg muffins are a perfect and healthy on-the-go breakfast, and I make them almost every week for exactly that reason, because no matter how early I get up, I always seem to be rushing out the door! You’ll see the measurements for the ingredients aren’t “exact,” and that’s because you really can’t mess up with eggs. Take out what you don’t like, add what you do like, and put as much or as little of anything in these. They’re truly nearly impossible to mess up, so make them your own!

You will need:

-9-10 large eggs

-Handful of chopped spinach

-Handful of chopped onion

-Handful of diced tomato

-Handful of chopped green peppers

-A spoonful of pickled jalapenos

-Salt & Pepper to taste

(I also like to mix it up sometimes by adding things like a can of chopped green chilis, bacon bits, hot sauce, or cheese.)


Preheat your oven to 350F. Start by cracking all of your eggs into a large bowl, and whisk to break apart the yolks. Add in all of your chopped veggies, and mix well. Pour the mixture into your muffin tins that are lined with silicone liners, or greased well with a non-stick spray. I got my silicone liners at TJ Maxx, and they are great for those items that seem to stick more than others, like these or oat-based muffins.


NOTE: You DO NOT want to use paper liners for this recipe-the eggs will stick to them. 

Once you’ve separated the mixture into the tins, bake for 15-20 minutes. This will really depend on how your oven cooks, so I would just start checking them at 15 minutes until you learn how long it takes for you. You will know that they are done because the middle will be firm.

Eat right out of the oven, or, once cooled, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. To reheat, simply pop into the microwave for 15-30 seconds, until warm.

I hope that this easy recipe takes some of the morning stress off of you when trying to get everyone (and yourself) out the door 🙂 Enjoy!!


Friday Love

WOOOOOOO it’s Friday!  I don’t know about y’all but with this weather and this week I think we are all ready for a little weekend lovin!  In the interest of getting to know us better we will start a weekly blog post, Friday Love, to share some of our favorite things in our life at the moment.  We’d love to hear about some of yours too!  Feel free to add in the comments!  Cheers to Friday loves!

Sally Hanson Miracle Gel is the easiest, best find for nail polish around lately.  As a true advocate of Essie, this is giving it a run for it’s money.  It’s like a nail salon manicure but for half the price.  Link here

Even though the weather hasn’t been cooperating lately, it feels empowering in more ways than one to lace on my Brooks running shoes.  These have made such a difference for me in my running game, that you should be sure to check them out.  Link here

Danielle and I have really been focused on taking a more natural holistic approach to our health.  I have recently taken the plunge into essential oils and I cannot tell you how fantastic they have been for me.  If you are thinking about taking the next step or even have a few questions I would be happy to answer them.  Contact me

Ever on the run and feel your stomach making that grumbling noise that you know the person in line next to you heard, Quest bars can be your go to, perfect pick me up.  With just the right amount of sugar, protein and carbs to stop those hunger pains, these hit the spot and curb your sweet tooth cravings!  You will always find me with one in my bag!  Link here

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully some beautiful sunshine…. and if not make some of your own!   Stay tuned for Danielles Friday Love next week!!!   Hugs and love ~ Sarah

A picture that wanders

Wednesday, the day that your mind starts to wander to the weekend or to your after work office cocktail hour or really anywhere but work.  hee hee but in all seriousness, wanderlust wednesday is our favorite.  we’ve taken the time to create some frames to honor our wanders and honor our to be found most favorite places….see your how to below.  🙂  Oh and it’s SUPER easy and such a great little addition to the house.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we will!

Three wood frames (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for a great price)


your choice of colored burlap

metal clips

hot glue gun and hot glue

pictures of your favorite places

Take the backing off of your frames and place your wood frames on a sheet  or fabric that you don’t mind getting stain on.  Stain the wood frame the color of your choice and allow to dry for a couple of hours just to be safe.  You don’t want the stain to run onto the burlap.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

While you are waiting on the stain to dry, take your backing of the frame and cut burlap to fit the backing but make sure that you have enough to fold over the edges to hot glue.  I doubled my burlap just because I didn’t want to be able to see the backing through the burlap and cut off the excess.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Once the frames are dry and the hot glue is dry on the backing.  Place the backing with burlap into the frame and secure it with the metal prongs of the frame.  The metal clips are for your photos.  Take the hot glue and place the clips on the burlap to hang your photos.


Place your favorite photos in the clips and hang the frames on your wall.  Voila and let your mind wander wherever your little heart desires.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures we can have if we only seek them with our eyes open. ”  Jawaharal Nehru

Cauliflower Buffalo Chicken Bites

2.28 725

I’m pretty obsessed with anything “buffalo-chicken.” I have eaten can eat like half of a pan of buffalo chicken dip by myself, no problem. However, since that’s not an option on “operation find and revive my six-pack before vacation,” I decided to get creative in the kitchen this weekend when I was craving “munchy” foods.

I used to have a recipe that I would make huge batches of for parties or to take out on the lake with us in the summer. They are delicious, but still had quinoa or couscous in them, which adds up the carbs. So, I decided that I would modify my old recipe to use cauliflower instead. And, lucky for me, and you guys, they turned out uh-mazing! The perfect little snack for when you’re wanting something cheesy, spicy, and delicious. Pop them in some extra ranch or hot sauce, and you’re good to go 😉

Here’s what you need:

1 head of cauliflower

1 egg + 1 egg white

1 C finely chopped cooked chicken (you can use a rotisserie chicken from your local deli, or just boil 1-2 chicken breasts and chop them up)

1/4 C hot sauce (+ a bit extra if you like a lot of spice!)

1/2 C breadcrumbs or panko

1/2 C finely shredded cheese (I’ve used Mozzarella and Cheddar-both work!)

1 tsp. minced garlic

salt & pepper to taste

2.28 705

Preheat your oven to 350F. Start by washing your cauliflower and chopping it into florets. Once you have the florets, you will need to “rice” the cauliflower. You can either put it into a food processor, blender, or grate it with a cheese grater if you don’t have one of the other two. Just dump it in, turn it on high for a few seconds, and the cauliflower will break down into tiny pieces that almost resemble rice {hence the name ;)}.

2.28 707

Pour all of your riced cauliflower into a large microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 5 minutes. Take it out when it’s done and stir, and then cook for another 2 minutes.2.28 709

Pour the cauliflower out onto a dish towel (or cheesecloth if you have one…but most of us probably don’t ;)) Yep, just dump it all out on the towel, and leave it to cool for a few minutes.

2.28 710

Next you’re going to wrap the cauliflower up in the cloth and try to squeeze all of the water you possibly can from it. Twist it, turn it, do whatever it takes to really get that water out!

You should have right around a cup of cauliflower once you squeeze the water out, which is the amount you want. So measure out a cup, and then put the cauliflower back into a large bowl, and mix in the chicken, panko, cheese, hot sauce, garlic, and S&P. Make sure everything has cooled down a good bit before adding your egg in and mixing well.

*If you add egg to a mixture that is extremely hot or warm, it will cause the egg to scramble instead of just mixing in. And nobody wants scrambled egg in their buffalo bites ;)*

2.28 711

Once you have your mixture, you can either use mini muffin tins for baking, or if you don’t have those (or you’re like me and just couldn’t find yours-oops?), just line a baking sheet with tin foil and spray with a nonstick spray.

Take a mini-muffin scoop or just a teaspoon and either fill the mini muffin cups, pressing down lightly to pack, or if you’re using a standard pan, just use your hands to form tiny “patties.” You just want to be sure you get them compressed so that the ingredients all stick together and don’t fall apart after baking.

2.28 713

Pop them into the over for about 27 minutes, until they are a bit golden around the edges.

Serve warm or room temperature with blue cheese, ranch, or hot sauce, and enjoy! 🙂

2.28 720

<3, D

Homemade Garlic Soup

Oh, the dreaded head cold. I’ve just recovered from my first of the year, and quickly decided that I was just sick of spending money on over the counter medicines that have Lord-knows-what in them, plus, they weren’t even really helping me! I’ve been slowly trying to transition to a more natural, homeopathic lifestyle by incorporating oils into my routine, along with treating minor issues with natural remedies. So, I decided to give it a shot. Upon my search for natural cold remedies, I came across hundreds of articles claiming that fresh garlic was absolutely one of the best things for a nasty cold. I didn’t love any of the recipes I found for garlic soup, so I created my own. It’s chock full of tons of veggies and a bit of chicken so that you get some protein, and just some substance as well. It really turned out delicious, and I’m not even kidding, after the first bowl and a cup of peppermint tea, I was feeling leaps and bounds better. I’m sure results vary by person, but for me, eating this soup once or twice daily seemed to cut the time of my cold in half. I even ran a 5K the next day! So, give it a try, and I hope that it helps you as much as it helped me!


What You Need:

2 heads of garlic (about 20 cloves, depending on size)

½ sweet onion

½ green bell pepper

1 stalk celery

½ C chopped or shredded carrots

1 bunch of chopped leeks (about 1 C)

1 roma or plum tomato

8 C low sodium chicken broth

2 TBS olive oil

2 chicken breasts


First, put your chicken breasts in a pot of water to boil. Boil on medium heat for about 7 – 8 minutes, or until chicken is done. You will know that it is done when all of the pink is gone, and the meat is easily shredding apart. Check it every few minutes though, as you don’t want to boil it too long because it can get tough!


While the chicken cooks, get to chopping those veggies! {Wash them first!} If you’ve never cooked with fresh garlic before, to get it to come apart, you simply take a large knife and CAREFULLY press down on top of the head ofgarlic to get the cloves to break apart. I didn’t today, but I usually like to put a towel over the knife, just to be safe.


Once the cloves break apart, you do the same thing to each clove to get the peel to come off. Sometimes it comes off easily, but sometimes you will have to pull the cloves out with your fingers.


Once you have all of the cloves peeled, chop them up finely and set aside. Finely chop up your onion, bell pepper, celery, tomato, and carrots. Cut the bottom bulb of the leeks off and discard. Chop up the leeks, mostly using the parts of the stalks that are yellow and white.


Drizzle the bottom of a dutch oven (just a large pot) with a good olive oil. Toss in all of your veggies, and set the stovetop to medium-low heat. Sautee the veggies until they are soft, stirring often. You will start to see the onion turning a translucent color, which means they are almost to that point.


Once the veggies are cooked, pour in the chicken broth, and let the soup simmer on low while you shred the chicken up. Once you’ve shredded the chicken into small pieces, add it to the soup. You can serve immediately, but to really let the flavors meld, I let mine simmer covered for about an hour on low, stirring occasionally.


Ladle into bowls, make yourself some hot tea, and enjoy! Be sure to eat all of the garlic and the broth, because that’s where the good stuff is 😉


<3, D

Take a Stand

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Just the other day I was thinking that I needed more serving dishes, stands and just general hosting dishes.   I’m sure walking by the Pottery Barn window didn’t help my staging urge!  And just feeling depressed about all the things that I need.   hee hee…. but like so many I don’t have the budget for Pottery Barn nor do I want to spend that amount on something that honestly just sits there.  🙂

Sooooooo that led into my recent project and easy DIY to share with you.  I am so excited about these and honestly they took a little time (stain and paint drying time) but were sooooooo simple!

I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby (best DIY, hobby, isle wandering, idea ephinany place ever).  And probably cost $20 total for everything.   Only a small fraction of the cost for one at pottery barn.  And I made two!  🙂

You’ll need:

Two different size wood plaques

Variable candle stick bottoms…given the size of my plaque tops I did smaller ones (I also used 3 legs to make sure it sat even and level)

Craft paint of your choice (one dark for the bottom layer and lighter top coat)

Stain of your choice

Clear acrylic coat

Sandpaper (found in garage)

Wood glue (also found in garage)

Since we really don’t promote splinters, we would need to sand the plaques a little bit to take the hard edge off.  I am not one for super hard edges and a little bit of sanding goes a long way.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Take the stain of your choice and start with a little bit on your rag and work with the grain.  You can add as little or as much as you like, determining the stain color you like.  I then, let them sit and dry for about an hour just to be safe.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Start working with your small candle holders and paint them the darker color first.  Once your dark color dries start working with your lighter color.  I applied two coats because I knew that I was going to go back and sand through a little bit of it and didn’t want it all to disappear when I did so.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Once the leg pieces dried I placed two small candle sticks on top of each other and used wood glue to set them.  The other ones were for the smaller stand and didn’t need to be stacked.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I also sprayed the plaques with a clear acrylic spray just to set the stain and also give them a nice finished look.  Once they dried from the clear coat, I flipped them over and wood glued the legs onto the plaque in a triangular fashion so that the stand would be stable.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Allow to dry for a few hours before using.  I’m actually going to use them for an essential oil party I am having in March and these will be the perfect display for that but would also be great for cupcakes at a shower or appetizers for a football game.  These will be a practical but fun piece to use at our next get together.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we will….and please send us some pictures or your stands.  We love to see the little twists that our readers add to our DIY’s or recipes.  🙂

Happy Sunday!



Balsamic-Glazed Crockpot Pork Tenderloin

Who doesn’t love a good crockpot recipe? Sometimes, you just need a really easy, healthy meal to throw in there and be done with. This delicious pork tenderloin is just that! It’s lean, but still has that sweet and tangy taste to spice things up when you are just plain tired of chicken. When its done, you can just pile it onto a plate with a quick salad and taa-daa, dinner is served!

2.2.15 332

What You Need:


2lbs pork tenderloin

1 heaping tsp. dried sage

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

½ tsp Seasoned Salt or Tony C’s

½ tsp minced garlic (or 1 fresh clove of garlic, finely chopped)

½ c water

2 TBS Worcestershire sauce


½ c brown sugar

½ c water

1 TBS cornstarch

2 TBS Worcestershire sauce

¼ cup good quality balsamic vinegar {I used Serrano Honey Balsamic Vinegar from Alpine Olive Tree-you should check them out here! They’re locally owned and operated in Helen, GA}

Start by pouring the ½ C water into the crockpot, and place the tenderloins in.

2.2.15 308

Mix the sage, Tony’s, S&P, and garlic together in a small bowl, and then rub onto the tops of the loins with your hands (or a spoon). It doesn’t look like much, but I promise it will be full of flavor!

2.2.15 307


Set on low for 4 or 5 hours and do whatever else you need to accomplish (like take pictures of your cute pup. I mean really, look at that face. I can’t help it.)

Canon Digital new 12-26 - Remi 528

After 4-5 hours, the loins should be done. You can tell they’re done if all of the pink is gone, and it is very easily pulling apart.

Poke holes with a fork on the tops of the loins, and drizzle the 2 TBS of Worcestershire across the tops. Let sit on low for another half hour or so.

Mix together all of the glaze ingredients. (It will be thinner than you would probably imagine, so I use the term “glaze” lightly.) Pour 1/3 of the glaze slowly on top of the loins.

2.2.15 322

Repeat this step every 15 minutes or so, until all of the glaze is gone. Before serving, sprinkle a tiny bit of brown sugar on the top of the loins. Pull apart, and serve immediately.

2.2.15 324

I hope you love this easy weeknight meal as much as we do in my house! 🙂



2.2.15 331